Hot off the press! Um… sort of

“Hot off the press” used to mean new, as in a new story, new development. It referred to a newspaper that had just been printed. (Just in case any youngsters out there don’t have a clue what I’m referencing. I’d hate to widen that generation gap.) 

So, my publisher is closing. This has been coming on for a while, but it’s finally a done deal. I’ll have the full rights to my three novels back by March. Great. Okay… What now? I can buy back the cover art they used. Two were great, one kind of meh. Do I want them? Do I want to make or have new covers made? Do I want to republish them at all? And why does “republish” not look like a word to me now? 😦

Ugh! I don’t need to make more decisions right now, I’m still trying to cram medical terms from week 5 and 6 into my stuffed cranium. Ha! I know one! 😉 But seriously, who needs the extra pressure? No one. Unless you like that kind of thing. Which I don’t, although you couldn’t tell because I keep putting myself in stressful situations. I’m sure no one knows what I’m talking about, right?




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