More rambling — berries and perspective

While I don’t like picking raspberries, blueberries are an entirely different matter. For one thing, I actually like them. It also helps that the bushes are nice and leafy but void of thorns. No pain, just a lot of gain if you get there before the critters.

And that, of course, is the thing. Timing. It seems to matter so much in life, doesn’t it? Timing and perspective. If your timing is good and you keep the right perspective in mind, life is much easier.

When it comes to picking blueberries, it takes a bit of time and patience. You find more when you can work at a more leisurely pace and actually circle the bushes as you look for ripe fruit. You have to look at things differently — even to the point of lifting branches and examining the very centers of the plant’s thickest foliage. Those deep green leaves are hiding things. I’ve often thought I was done and moved away from a bush, only to look back and spot a bunch of dark bluish-purple berries just hanging there, waiting. If I hadn’t moved. If I hadn’t looked back from a new vantage point, I would have missed them altogether.

Perspective matters. Changing perspective, or how you look at things, can make all the difference in the world. I’ve seen it in the most simple act of gathering berries and I’ve seen it in other aspects of my life and writing. If I can’t find a solution to a problem, maybe I need to view it from another point of view. If a story isn’t working; if a character isn’t behaving or revealing what I need to know, it might be time to back up and look again from a new angle.

Love those “ah-ha!” moments when I finally see just what I’ve been missing.

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