Well that was different…

Driving home from our weekly shopping, my youngest daughter and I noticed that an odd lump of snow by the roadside was not, in fact, snow.

wild swan


It turned out to be one of the largest birds I have ever seen outside of a zoo: a Mute Swan. She is beautiful and stands about five feet tall, from what I could tell. I couldn’t get too close without her feeling threatened and hissing like a very cranky kitty. But I did feed her some bread and the neighbor was going to try to coax her into a pen until they figure out why she isn’t flying away.

It reminded me of how unexpected life can be. You move along, going through the motions of daily tasks when suddenly a new experience, a new friend, a new lesson of sorts falls into your path. In this case, a lovely creature I’ve never really thought about.

The sad thing is, I might never know what happens to the swan. But maybe I can use this experience in my writing someday. A dear friend quipped that it might actually be a magical being who can turn human. Maybe I should have given it a kiss?

Maybe not. I’ve been bitten by geese before and I’m sure this lovely creature would hurt much more. But now my imagination is churning…. What if shape shifters were real? And what if some could turn into wild swans? Not such a different concept to be sure… if you enjoy the ballet. wild swan standing



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