New Year … New Stuff

I’ve decided to quit messing around with my time and actually get stuff done. Stuff as in writing, for one thing. Other things have yet to be determined, honestly, I can only handle one “resolution” at a time.

So far, this is a year of new things in my life: new phone; new laptop (thanks to my wonderful children and hubby); and a new-ish hobby. I’ve also developed a new frame of mind. Instead of worrying about failing, I’m determined to forge ahead, get stuff done and blast the consequences.

If I should “fail”, then I’ll go through the grieving process. Brush myself off and get back to it. No matter what, I know I do have options. I have talent. And I am determined to be a better example to my children. If I want them to persevere, then I have to as well. The best way to teach is by example…

I’ve also asked one of my talented children to redesign one of my book covers. I’m very pleased with the result and will soon be uploading it to retailers.


Pretty, don’t you think? 🙂 I think a cover says a lot about a book. It can either make or break sales — especially to those not familiar with an author’s work.

Work… with that in mind, I need to get started. I have a few heroes and heroines who are insisting their stories be finished once and for all.

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