Once more, with feeling…

I’ve decided it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and try this blogging thing again. Not so much to entertain and enlighten as much as helping me get my own thoughts straight. That, and my family could use a break from all my random rants. 😉

So, what bit of wisdom/insight do I want to share today? It’s simple and probably not-so-sage: Sometimes, you’re wrong; sometimes you’re right. The trick is in knowing both the difference and when to shut up about it.

That being said, one thing I have done right in recent months is to participate in the latest Bat Collective Anthology. I was given a premise and a location — a beautiful, tropical island where magical things can happen. The result of this collaboration consists of romantic novellas by authors Laura Hamby and Kris Starr. My contribution, One Little Slip, finds two very different people thrown together in a most unusual setting. I think these stories are just the perfect escape from a long, long winter.


One Little Slip

(c)2014 Meg Allison

It’s a recipe for disaster…
Combine a haunted house in paradise, one injured warrior, and a woman hell-bent on standing on her own four-inch heels.
Fiona Reid expected to spend her free vacation at a five-st…ar resort, not in a dilapidated plantation house straight out of the nineteenth century. She certainly didn’t expect the forced close company of one handsome and slightly infuriating security agent.
Julio Alvarez needs to let his wounds heal, and get back to his familiar life. The last thing he needs is a prickly brunette in killer shoes and ghosts that do his bidding.

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