My BROKEN inspiration…

This past week I released my second full-length paranormal romance, BROKEN.  It’s my ‘unofficial’ second book in my series, The Sentinels. Unofficial, because I intend to market the rest of the stories with Samhain Publishing where the series first found a home.

BROKEN was a hard sell in many ways, the hardest being that it is actually a pre-quel. It occurs some time before its predecessor, DREAM WALK. Yes, there’s method to my madness. While you can read them in any order, BROKEN does give away at least one important part of the first story. But it’s also a story that needs to be told in order to understand an element that will crop up in the last two novels. 🙂

No. I’m not telling. You’ll have to wait and read them to find out. 😉

Where did the story title come from? It originally had a different name, but I had to change that. I like to pick titles that have a double meaning, if I can. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. With BROKEN, it worked beautifully. Both the hero and heroine are ‘broken’ spirits, particularly the hero. They find each other at a dark moment in life and then proceed to overcome obstacles — internal and external — with each other’s help. Isn’t that how relationships should be?

As with most of my books and short stories, this one has a very definite soundtrack and one all-encompassing theme song. Enjoy:

To read more, click on any of the above links. Or you can buy BROKEN (a Sentinels novel) now at , Barnes&Noble , or Smashwords.

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