My new enabler

My family gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I’ve been having so much fun! I haven’t read this much in ages, even though I have plenty of books in the house. I also love the games.

I have found the Kindle is a wonderful device. Will I give up print books completely? Probably not. Those are still my first love. However, there are some great things about ebooks and having an actual reader.

1. Instant gratification. Want a book? Press a button, confirm, it’s there. Wow. 🙂

2. Hides my tbr pile. No one complains about all the books taking up room on the table; dresser; desk; etc. No puzzled looks when I bring another one home and add it to the heap. They can’t see what’s on my Kindle. (hehe)

3. Discovering new authors and stories. This is my fave part of all! So many writers; so little time. I love being able to browse, read excerpts and reviews, and then buy a book I might not notice otherwise.

4. Cost, of course. I’m a thrifty person, aka cheap. I love free books. I love cheaper books. Yes, I’ll pay more for a writer I know I love, but I’m a bit conservative with the unknowns out there. Ebooks are usually a less expensive way to take a chance on something/someone new.

Yeah, I really like my Kindle Touch. It’s fun; it’s a diversion; and it enables my reading addiction perfectly. 😉

~~Meg Allison

Indulge your senses…

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