Self-publishing times three


(A Blue Plate Special – Pops’ Girls short story)

Amelia Wojosowski moved to Glen Meadow to heal her broken heart and start a new life. She never dreamed she’d fall in love with the oh-so-serious and sexy town physician.

Doctor Marty Winston has sworn off pretty waitresses ever since one broke his heart–but he can’t resist Amy Jo, despite her penchant for dumping food in his lap.

She’s a beautiful accident waiting to happen…no wonder he’s falling in love.

Genres: short story; romantic comedy; sexy romance; series romance; contemporary romance.

PRICE: $0.99



Other Formats at Smashwords

I now have three stories up for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. (Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone buys books at Smashwords? No action there, to date.)

Anyhow, things are going well. Not fantastic. I won’t be buying a new car anytime soon, but that wasn’t really the point. 😉

And the point was…? I wanted to do something with these stories. Stories I spent a lot of time creating and fussing over. Ones I did sell, but that may not have caught the attention of many readers. I actually want to give readers a chance to discover them. These books weren’t big sellers their first trip out. My other publisher was very, very tiny. Small presses are a dime a dozen, and let’s face it — it’s a BIG Internet out there. 😉

But what to do with published stories? Unless you have a big name, not many pubs will try something already done. Then a friend began talking about her foray into self-publishing. The more she talked, the more I listened. Then I thought: “Why not? Let’s give it a shot.”

My third story is now available. It’s another Blue Plate Special – Pops’ Girls story … a very short story. It can also be considered a sequel to SECOND CHANCES (formerly known as: Learning to Live).

I like the characters because they’re real. They’re not over-the-top Alphas or “perfect” heroines. They might just live right across the street — only they don’t mind if you peek in the bedroom window. (GGGG)

If you enjoy this or any of my books, I do wish you’d let me know. Leaving a comment or even a review is a wonderful way to pat an author on the back. It will be appreciated. 🙂


Indulge your senses…

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