One more time…

I have a few wonderful romances gathering dust on the hard drive. They’ve been published before, but that small press went belly up some years back. So, I’ve decided to dust off the stories; shine them up; and publish them myself.

You can find the first two at Amazon, Barnes & Noble (NOOKbooks), or Smashwords. Links to buy are also on my website:

Romancing Jenny
genre: short and sweet romance/romantic comedy
Cost: $0.99

Jenny wants a little romance in her life, but her current boyfriend, Mark, is romantically challenged. Give him up or put up with it? Jenny has to decide if romance is more important than true love.




Second Chances*

(A Blue Plate Special – Pops’ Girls story)
genre: romantic novella/ continuity story/ romance with humor
COST: $1.99

Katie Marie Morrison hides behind a flirtatous mask as she serves burgers and peach cobbler at Pops’ Dinner. Her bright smile and sarcastic wit hides the devastating knowledge she was just a one-night-stand for the one man she ever loved.

Jeff McAlester, her only lover, returns home for good. But timing is everything and it’s Katie who’s now ready to leave. Despite their rekindled love, she doesn’t want to stay. Can Jeff, the man with bluer-than-blue eyes and highly-charged kisses, help Katie learn to live a little … the old fashioned way with a white picket fence and Happily Ever After?


NOOK books


*formerly titled: Learning to Live

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