Get off my butt!

Really, is there anything more annoying than a tailgater? No, not the dudes in the stadium parking-lot, grilling up steaks and downing beer after beer. (Yeah, okay, so they can be annoying on a whole different level.) I’m talking about those wonderful drivers who like to be less than a cars’ length from your tail end no matter how fast you’re driving.

I. HATE. That.

I get even more irritated when they do this at night with high beams in operation. Or if they happen to be in a truck and I’m in the car, they may as well have the brights on because they’re going to blind me either way.

News flash: If you can see the back of my head because your lights are shining through my rear window, chances are you’re blinding me. A blind driver is NOT a safe driver. She’s also rather cranky. Make that furious if my kids are with me — they usually are — and you’re endangering their lives, too.

Oh, and by the way, all tailgaters take note: If you’re trying to make me drive faster by sticking to my bumper, chances are it won’t work. As a matter of fact, I’ve even been known to slow down when someone tries that little trick.

So… BACK OFF! And please use some common sense.

Rant over.


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