Making my day

Writers tend to be a little like actors, I think. We have somewhat fragile egos — at least I do — and need a pat on the back now and then. I do, anyway. Can’t really confirm that for every other writer. But honestly, who wouldn’t smile after hearing: “You’re great! I love your work.” 😉

This week brought a pleasant suprise in a couple of ways. My favorite beautician was back at work after some big health issues due to injuries she received in a motorcycle accident. I was really glad to see her. I think of her as a friend — someone with whom I’ve connected, because we have a lot in common. We’re the same age; both have a large family; etc.

Now, we’ve gone to her beauty shop for about ten years — almost since the day they opened. It’s a small town, family oriented salon. She’s watched my children grow up and I’ve watched hers do the same. When times were hard for us, I knew she knocked a few dollars off the price here and there when I brought more than one kiddo in for a cut. It helped more than she’ll ever realize.

When I saw her this week, she proceeded to thank me for copies of my books that I’d given her over the last few years. She commented how much she loves my writing and how she’s read SECRETS AND SHADOWS, her favorite, several times. She went on to say how much the stories have helped her in the this down time in her life, which has included numerous surgeries and physical therapy.

All I could say was, “Thank you!” But inside, I was humbled and really uplifted by her praise. Especially knowing that not only did she enjoy my stories, but that they were a comfort to her on some small level.

That’s all it takes sometimes to make a person’s day — to just let them know how they’ve touched your life. How they’ve made a difference — no matter how small. So, if you’ve been uplifted, enriched or otherwise just entertained by some authors’ work, I encourage you to let him or her know. You’ll make their day. Make someone else’s day, and they’ll probably pass that happy feeling along. The world could use a bit more happiness.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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