The night shift…

I started a new job about four months ago. Recently, I decided to take on a different shift. Midnights. Where I work, it’s actually from about 11:30 to 3:45, five nights a week.

Yes, I volunteered. No, I’m not crazy…or should I say no more insane than usual? There were several factors that brought me to this decision — one of which, of course, was money. Others included the time I’m now home while my family is awake and active. Once I get some sleep, I’m up by noon and ready to do the mom and wife gig. 😉

During all this change, I’ve discovered something. The night shift is very quiet compared to others I’ve worked. The muse seems to come to life, as well. So, while I’m waiting between customers, I write. The old fashioned way with a pen on paper — yellow, legal pad, to be precise.

The next day, I transcribe my writing to the document — usually doing some tweaking along the way. It’s a system I think I’m going to like, and one that will work for me. It may also mean I’ll get this book done and ready to sub by the end of April. 🙂

Inspiration comes from amazing places. Sometimes it’s in a song on the radio. A sunset on a cool spring evening. A drive through a ghost-like town at four in the morning, long before most people’s alarm clocks have gone off. I’ve noticed my inspiration is better received in the quiet of the night…during those lulls when there’s nothing to do except listen.

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