Fired up…again

Many authors across the web are participating in what is termed NaNoWri … National Novel Writing Month. The goal: to write 50k — the size of a small book or the start of a longer one — in one month.

If you’ve ever written a novel, you can probably understand why some of us look at that goal and laugh nervously. Writing is not for sissies. Pushing yourself to write 50k in one month is somewhat masochistic. You can either fly or crash and burn. Hopefully most will at least wind up somewhere in between.

While I haven’t been officially participating, seeing others post their goals and accomplishments has given me an incentive I’ve sorely needed to get seriously writing again. To treat it as a job, instead of a hobby seems to be the most important step for me, personally.

No, my word count isn’t impressive, but my motivation is still strong. Just have to get into the groove with my new part-time job, and wait for myself and the family to recover from the recent bout of illness that’s knocked us all on our butts.

The other bit of motivation I’ve had recently has been the wonderful review DREAM WALK received from Romantic Times magazine. I’m pleased to say that the novel was rated with 4 Stars by the reviewer. Here’s a bit of her praise:

“Readers looking for a great new paranormal series need look no further. Allison
opens up a whole new world with her sensational Sentinels series.” —Gail Pruszkowski

Yay! This is my first RT review and I’m hoping it will encourage readers to pick up a copy and give The Sentinels a chance. Besides, it’s just so wonderful when someone appreciates what you’ve created. This alone fires me up to finish that second book. Hang on folks, it’s coming!

So what helps motivate you when you’ve lost some of your spark?

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