Dream Walk in PRINT!

I just found out that DREAM WALK will be available in print this coming week — Tuesday, July 7th.

It’s available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and will be available at My Bookstore and More starting July 7th.

Book Two of the Sentinels series is currently in the hands of my wonderful editor. I’m hoping this version will pass the test — but time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on Book Three, At Second Sight, which features one of the secondary characters of DREAM WALK as its heroine. More about that over the next few weeks.

Here’s a sneak peek at DREAM WALK:

A knock made her jump. She stared at the closed bedroom door, heart pounding as she wondered who else could possibly be up this early? The sun had barely risen.


She let out a deep breath as Ian’s voice reached through the barrier.

“I need to speak with you.”

She bit her lip. Maybe she could pretend…

“I know you’re there,” he said as if he could read her mind. “Open up.”

She slid off the lock and opened the door. His presence filled her room even as he stood in the hallway, gazing down at her with those midnight-black eyes. A woman could sink into those eyes and gladly drift away toward the promises lingering in the shadows. But she had always been afraid of the dark.

He searched her face like a seer divining tea leaves. From the way his jaw clenched, he didn’t like the revelations. He stared at her a moment and it seemed as if she could feel his mind reaching into hers—seeking the truth. She blinked in surprise. Did he have a psychic gift as well? He gave her a half-smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I need access to your website. I want to see if my tech boys can trace any of the threatening messages.”

“You can use the computer in the study downstairs, but I deleted them all a long time ago.”

“I imagine they’ll hit a brick wall, but it’s worth a try. I need something to occupy my time while you’re writing.”

“All right, I’ll be here if you need anything else.”

“What’s your password? They’ll need it to access the site as the administrator.”

She hesitated for a moment—not because she was giving him admittance to another portion of her life, but because she was afraid. Would he laugh? Judge?

“Beatrix Potter.”

He frowned. “Excuse me?”

“The password is Beatrix Potter.” She sighed when he continued to stare. “She wrote children’s stories about animals. Peter Rabbit?”

He held up a hand. “Yes, I know who she is. I was once a child myself, believe it or not.” This time the smile lifted the corners of his dark eyes where it glittered like stars in the deep-night sky. “You continue to amaze me. You aren’t anything like what I expected.”

“Oh, and what did you expect?”

His smile broadened to a full-fledged grin. Her heart skipped a beat and then raced like a jackrabbit fleeing a wolf. God. He’s beautiful.

“Well, honestly, I expected someone more like Ophelia.” He winked and turned away.

Indulge your senses…

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