Chuzzle lessons

My favorite computer game at the moment is Chuzzle. I love puzzles and adore the furry little googly-eyed creatures who inhabit this colorful game. I really love the sounds they make when you get three or more in a row — and the explosions. It’s almost as satisfying as slamming a door. 😉

However, I’ve also learned something from this odd little game. A life lesson, of sorts.

Let me explain for the Chuzzle-impaired…

On some levels, a chuzzle will become ‘locked’. When that happens, you cannot move it or the row it’s in — at least not in every direction. This limits how you can move and, therefore, your number of possible moves. If you get too many locked at one time, you lose.

But I’ve discovered something quite by accident. Sometimes, if a move doesn’t present itself right away, all you have to do is keep playing and wait. Eventually the little fuzzballs will move around enough so that the colors line up and you can pop those locked spaces. I’ve also found if you can get a locked one all the way to the bottom of the box it will be taken care of by the natural course of the game.

Now here comes the analogy…

Sometimes in life we come upon a road block; an obstacle to achieving whatever it is we want. We can try to work through it; we can fight our way around it. However, there are times when there really doesn’t seem to be a way to win. If we can only keep going … keeping working with our goal in mind, eventually, in the natural course of life, the solution will be there. The obstacle will be taken away. The problem solved.

Notice I said to ‘keep working’. At no time should we ever give up on what’s really important, but maybe we need to find a new strategy. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate our priorities and make sure we’re seeking after the right thing. And sometimes we need to put our faith in something bigger than ourselves.

It will work out. We will overcome. Sometimes we just have to be very patient… and play a game or two to pass the time. 😉

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