Better late than never?

Good question.

My writing career started somewhat late in life, although I was pleased to have my first published story before the big 4-0 came around. Barely. A few years later and I find myself at an interesting crossroad: one publishing company closed; another booming; and my muse has been thoroughly taken over by things that go bump in the night.

I love the paranormal and have for many years. Ghosts and mysteries have long been my favored form of entertainment — not to mention a family history of, shall we say unique experiences? But I’m not sure I really ever thought about writing something otherworldly. Not until a story idea took an unexpected turn.

I dare say I’ll have a hard time going back. I’m becoming accustomed to thinking outside the box. I enjoy taking each “What if?” question one step further. I revel in the power that allows me to create my own version of reality.

And now as we begin another year of possibilities, I find myself both eager and nervous. Eager to triumph … Nervous of the journey. But then I’m reminded that getting here wasn’t a piece of cake. The road behind is strewn with discarded words, incomplete stories, disappointments, and a pile of rejection letters.

My one regret is that I didn’t start this adventure years earlier in a time when publishing stood wide open to new talent. A time when some of the great writers my generation grew up with were just beginning to sell and flourish. Then again, it’s likely I wasn’t ready. Everything has a season and this is mine.

That’s the beauty of writing. You don’t have to be young, beautiful and in perfect form to make your mark. You only have to have talent, a bit of luck and a hide as thick as an alligator.

Yeah, I think I have it covered. 😉

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