Paperback heaven

After a long spell of feeling I had nothing to read, I now have three books to choose from. The trouble now is — which one do I read first?

First is DEADLY HARVEST, book two in the latest series by one of my favorite authors, Heather Graham. I adored the first in the series, DEADLY NIGHT. It is a wonderful read filled with suspense and ghosts.

So far, DEADLY HARVEST is just as suspenseful with imagery that sends a shiver down your spine. There are also plenty of characters that keep you guessing about the villain’s identity. Ms Graham is a masterful storyteller — her greatest asset is her ability to create stories that seem very plausible. Stories that have you jumping at shadows or looking over your shoulder at night.

Second is from another favorite author, Kerrelyn Sparks. Her Love at Stake series is fantastic — sexy, funny and highly entertaining. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire is her latest offering … quite a mouthful for a title, but so far the story is good. Very engaging. And I think all her fans have been waiting for young Ian to get his chance at “true love”.

Third is the thirteenth Dark-Hunters book, One Silent Night. Honestly, I bought this mostly because I have to see what happens next. I’m not so sure I’m loving the stories as much as I once did.

I will add that I’m still plowing my way through the epic ACHERON. Yes, I finally broke down — after finishing my last novel — and started reading it. I’m presently about half-way through. Partly because the book is so dang long AND because I’ve had to put it down from time to time.

My opinion? Does anyone really care? LOL. Probably not, but I’ll give it anyway. The writing itself is good: ie, vivid, absorbing details and a lot of raw emotion. As a writer and storyteller, I completely understand why Ms Kenyon started ACHERON at the point where she did. I also know she’s never been one to hold the punches when torturing her characters. *Torture being a literal term here.*

However, I find his backstory to be … I don’t know. A bit much? A little hard to take? Not unbelievable, really, just … depressing. Very, very depressing. And right now ‘depressing’ is the last thing I need.

But I will finish it, because I bought the hardcover AND I have to see what type of women could possibly be up to the challenge of healing such a man. She’ll have to be one incredible character.

So, what are you reading?

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