Celtic Thunder — or how to inspire a muse

The surest way to start a story spinning in my brain is by playing some inspiring music.

My dh took me out on the town tonight to our first concert in ages. Being the sweet, thoughtful man that he is, he knows I enjoy Celtic music — it’s become my way of connecting with my Irish heritage. While writing ALAINA’S PROMISE, I would play those CDs over and over for hours on end.

So when he saw the newest sensation was coming to a nearby venue, he insisted we go. An early birthday present for me, and something he could enjoy, as well.

It was wonderful! Celtic Thunder, in case you haven’t heard, is a group of five men, ages 16-40, with powerful, wonderful voices that bring almost any song to life. It was a fantastic evening all around. My only wish is that they would have done a bit more traditional Irish music, but still, I enjoyed it immensely.

And so did my muse, apparently. She wants to return to Ireland for another romp over the cliffs…only this time she’s thinking of haunted castles, too. Ah, yes, inspiring. But she’ll have to wait and log those notions on the “to be written” list. First come, first serve, after all.

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