Back to the grind

BROKEN is done and submitted. I’m really proud of myself, actually. This is the shortest length of time I’ve taken to write a full-length novel — a little over 94k in around five-six months. I had hoped to finish more quickly, but it is a personal best, and one I hope to improve on for book three.

But after working non-stop on BROKEN, and dealing with personal issues, my brain was pretty well-done. Fried. I needed a respite.

Now my little break is over. I’ve done some reading, some goofing off in front of the idiot box (aka television), and have managed to get rather bored with it already. So my muse is telling me it’s time to get back to work. Just as well since I have characters demanding their stories be written.

In the past I have found the best way to ‘forget’ about a submission is to jump right into the next project. At this time, there are two projects calling to me. One is a paranormal novella, working title: INTO THE RUSH. It’s a bit different from my current series and para world, but I really like the characters and their situation.

Then there’s that third Sentinels story, AT SECOND SIGHT. This one follows one of my DREAM WALK secondaries into a little danger and romance of her own. The poor girl needs both, believe me. She’s been alone and bored for far too long. 😉

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