My real-life muse

I’m working on book two of The Sentinels — almost done! I can see the light and it’s not a train. 😉

However, I hit another tiny snag with a certain character. He’s a secondary at this point, but has his eye on that final book. He can be a pain in the rear to write because he’s so sarcastic and closed-mouthed. He’s going to have to come clean or book five will be a very, very short story.

So what do I do when I hit a bump in my plots? Well, until my sweet editor gets her hands on it and offers her advice, I go to my in-house muse. Aka: My oldest daughter.

She’s only read my sweet romances from cover to cover — yes, I’m old-fashioned — but she’s a wonderful sounding-board for each and every plot. She listens and often comes up with solutions. She never rolls her eyes when I talk about a storyline or wonder how to kill off this person or get the hero and heroine from point A to point C. She’s very wise for her years … and I truly believe she holds on to my muse so she doesn’t scamper off when my own thoughts get too chaotic.

Everyone should have a muse, “real” or otherwise. They keep life interesting. 😉

Back to the wip!

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