The only sure things…

besides death and taxes are the changes we experience throughout our lives.

Just when I get used to a certain schedule — or lack thereof — everything gets turned upside down and I have to readjust. Fast.

Take the new school year, for example. My oldest son (age 12) will now be taking two classes on-line via virtual classroom technology. Great for me, because I have two less things to ‘worry’ about; he’s not so sure it’s a good idea. But not only will the dynamics of our school year change dramatically, I have a feeling our relationship will, as well. For those two classes, at least, I will no longer be the main authority on the subject at hand. I will not be his teacher, mentor and guidance counselor. He’ll have some stranger for that. :\

Yes, I know in my heart this is a good thing. He needs more of that outside influence as he grows older. But part of me is still reeling from the fact that one of my ‘babies’ won’t need me 24/7. He’s growing up — an obvious occurrence since he’s now an inch taller than me. 😛

However, despite my moments of angst, I know he’ll always be my boy. He’ll always need me on some level and our special relationship will continue to grow and thrive as long as we both learn to bend with the changes and adjust to those new dynamics.

It’s a lot like writing … we learn and grow; our use of the language and storytelling grows with us if we allow it. But we have to be willing to bend. We have to be willing to stretch those creative muscles and admit when maybe, just maybe, something else might be better.

Yep, life changes are a lot like writing … or maybe writing is a lot like life. 😉

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