Post-submission rules

I spent the last few weeks finishing up — and obsessing — over a new submission. With most of my writing at this time, I do not have a deadline unless it’s self-imposed. This time, it wasn’t. Which meant simply this: I HAD to get it DONE!

I’m happy to report that I did. (At least, I think I did…it’s all a little fuzzy at the moment.) I got the story submitted right under the wire. Literally. Now I have to wait until the appointed time to find out if the editors like my story enough to offer that golden contract.

I have a few rules that I’ve worked out for myself that must be followed after each and every submission. And since my brain is about mush today, I thought I’d share them here:

The number one rule is simple but difficult to stick to:

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT read the story before you hear back from the editor.

**I learned that one the hard way. You can’t imagine the number of typos and other goofs I’ve ‘discovered’ after sending the story off — no matter how many times I’ve proofed it up to that point. It’s disheartening and discouraging and will make your wait seem even longer. If you’ve sent it out, you’re done. At least for now…don’t torture yourself any further. The editor will surely do it for you. πŸ˜‰

2. Start another story ASAP…or continue with a wip you’ve left dangling. This is so important for me, because the post-submission blahs set in so quickly. If I don’t jump right back on that horse, then I’m sure to run into one monster of a writer’s block. Not fun. Besides, loosing yourself in another story will help the time you wait go by a bit faster.

3. The last ‘rule’ — CELEBRATE! Even if the story isn’t sold, you’ve finished it! You are among the small minority of writer-wannabees who actually wrote: THE END. It’s an accomplishment and something of which you should be very proud. πŸ™‚

Anyone else have rules they want to share? Whether it’s for after submitting, finishing a first draft, or finishing ANYTHING important to you? πŸ™‚

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