Move those glutes!

One of the big hazards with spending hours a day at the computer — whether you’re a writer, a paper-pusher, accountant, student or whatever — is the definite lack of exercise we get. Add to that our ‘must have’ snacks, which honestly do sometimes spark creativity, and we can wind up more than a little out of shape. OR in a shape we’d rather not discuss… pears come to mind, however. šŸ˜‰

I realize just how far I’ve let myself go when I manage to get sore from doing simple things like weeding the garden. Yeah, that’s bad! So…off to the gym I go; determined to keep those pounds from creeping up on me again and sure that this time, I’ll get that buff, trim and toned body I’ve always dreamed of having.

Trouble is, determination and life often collide. As do my inherent leanings toward the couch-potato syndrome AND my love of all things sweet. šŸ˜› But I think I’ve finally come up with a compromise:

I move whenever possible. It can be weeding the garden or walking the dog or jumping on the trampoline with the kiddos or taking things up and down the stairs instead of getting one of the kids to do it. I make myself take whatever opportunity I can to put my body in motion. (That, combined with what I learned at Weight Watchers about eating habits, goes a long way in helping.)

For instance, instead of sitting on my butt and reading that book I can’t put down, I take it to the gym and read while on the exercise bike. Reading is my reward and the bike doesn’t seem so monotonous. I would try the treadmill, but my ‘graceful’ gene is somewhat limited. šŸ˜‰

We all need to take time and put our glutes in motion! It’s so essential for a more vital and healthy life. And while reading a hot love scene can get your blood pumping, pumping iron can give us all a real work out…and more stamina. If you know what I mean. (GGG)

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