How’s it growing?

Summertime at our house means lots of things, but the primary change is that we plant a garden. Willingly? Not me. See the black thumb? Plants do NOT thrive under my ‘care’. Hey, I figure I’ve gave birth to and raised (to some extent or other) five fairly healthy children. That deserves some credit, right?

My dh, however, is the farm boy. Literally. He grew up on one and knows quite a bit about the whole planting/harvesting process. What he still can’t seem to figure out is why I do NOT want to plant vegetables that no one — except him — will ever eat. I love him, really, I do. But come on! They’re called ‘wax beans’ for a reason! IE: They taste like WAX!

Anyhow, every year we go through the garden thing. He plows, tills, fertilizes, plants seeds and/or small plants, and we wait. Water. Weed. Wait some more. Repeat, ad naseum, until the whole thrill of growing our own veggies wears really thin. That time comes around August when the temps are up in the 90s; the humidity is about 70%; and the weeds are fast beating out the real plants.

Don’t get me wrong — I do enjoy growing our own food. Being able to pluck fresh tomatoes and corn right off the plant is great! And it tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store. But it is a lot of work and I sometimes wonder (mostly on those 90+ days) if it’s worth it all.

Yeah, when I think about it, I admit it is worth the work. We learn a lot from our garden. We’ve learned just how well zucchini can be frozen and how much the kids love zucchini bread in the fall. 🙂 We actually have fun doing the work together, as a family. It’s one of those schmaltzy bonding things we do. 😉 Our kids learn the value of work and see the results in a relatively reasonable amount of time. Plus, it does save some money here and there.

Most importantly, we’ve learned what to grow and what not to bother with… remember those Wax Beans? Heh. Only two of plants actually grew from those seeds. *No, I didn’t do a thing to them — although I was sorely tempted.* We also learned, very early on, that 43 tomato plants is way, way too many. Even for a family of seven. 😛

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