Cats, kids and mothering…

The kids have all been sick over the past two weeks to varying degrees. Anyone from a larger family knows the drill: if one gets it, the rest will. And if it’s really bad, then it gets passed back through for an encore.

So we have three on antibiotics; one with a residual cough; and one who is basically just cranky. Oh, then there’s the sick cat.

Everyone has been worried about the cat. Her personality and habits changed dramatically; she wasn’t eating much or drinking any water; all she wanted to do was sleep. Yeah, I was worried about the pet food recall for a time — wondering if somehow she got hold of some bad food. Seems it’s just a virus or infection. Honestly, I think she caught the family cold. 😛

One dose of antibiotic and she’s already feeling a bit better. She’s chasing the kids; batting at moths… getting back to her natural self. It’s such a relief! Being a people mom is hard enough — mothering an animal is one monster of a job! Especially when you don’t speak the native tongue. 😉

Kids and pets are so similiar — no uproar, they are! You worry about them when they’re sick; feel helpless when you can’t ‘fix it’; and baby them when they don’t feel good. Case in point: the cat wouldn’t drink water, so I enticed her with milk. She wouldn’t eat cat food, so I brought out the tuna. Real tuna, not the cat food variety. Yes. We have been spoiling her rotten.

Now I’m curious to see what she’ll expect as she gets better. Will she wonder where the milk is? Why the tuna doesn’t appear at meal time? Will she boycot her usual meal?

The kids know that once they get better, the babying stops. Well, for the most part. Animals aren’t quite capable of such logic. But I have a feeling the cat will accept her fate — and eat the kitty kibble.

Unless someone happens to get a hankering for a tuna sandwhich. 😉

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