Mother Nature plays April Fool’s

Do you want to know what I see out my window? Snow. It’s not supposed to snow in April, not in this hemisphere!

But Mother Nature seems to be having a grand ole time with this late April Fool gag. It’s windy, the temp is below freezing — has been all day — and the white stuff has been swirling around like dandelion fluff.

Luckily the fruit trees haven’t blossomed yet, or I might be truly miffed at this change in weather. Apparently this last week or so of 60s and 70s, blue skies and intermittent thunder storms were all a big set-up. Lulling us into the preconceived and erroneous idea that Spring, in all its glory, had finally appeared.

I’ve learned two important lessons in life: Karma does come back to haunt you AND you cannot trust dear Mother Nature.

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