READERS — tell us what you like!

One way to find out what direction you might want to take when it comes to picking a storyline is to ask the readers themselves.

Personally, I like a variety of romance and some straight mysteries. Give me a good Native American hero, and I’m there! Throw in a sexy vampire, and you have me hooked — at least enough to check out the back-cover blurb. 😉 Add some mystery or suspense, and yes! I want that book! I used to adore Stephen King novels, but I’m not so much into the horror aspect anymore.

So tell us, we really want to know —
What draws you to a book?
What makes it stand out on the shelf OR on that on-line page?
What type of stories are a must-buy?
What type wouldn’t you touch with a ten-foot pole?
Do you buy books for your children? IF so, what do they like? Fantasy? Comedy?

Give us some clues, folks. As writers, we love to tell a good story. As writers who want to sell we want to tell a great story that makes you stop, pick up that book (click on the link) and whip out that credit card. 😉

Post away … readers and writers alike. I can’t do this alone. 🙂

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