How much more can a girl take?

What I want to know is who was the first woman to ‘want it all’? You know, career, home, marriage, etc?

Not that I’m knocking it — no sir, not me. But these past few weeks I’ve kind of looked at those Donna Reed images and wondered…what was so bad about all that?

Cooking, cleaning, shopping…well, except for the cleaning part, I can handle that. But here I am — wife, mother, home maker; home schooler (yes, I know, my choice); published writer. Trying to get it all done, get the kids where they need to be; keep the house respectably clean; feed them now and then… AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

When do I find time to write? How do I get this bloody story DONE and wonderfully “perfect” before I send it out the door?????

Hell if I know. But then I look back at old Donna and realize… she was a figment of the imagination. I’m not sure that kind of life ever existed and, frankly, if it did, it probably wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Maybe my life isn’t, either, somedays. But at least I do have a choice.

Hey, I like my life. I love my children and my dh. I’m happy with our home and that I have the opportunity to teach my children: because that’s what I WANT to do. Um, most days. 😉

Most of all, I am really, really blessed to have my dream realized and to have become a published author.

How much more can I take? Huh. I guess the answer is: “One day at a time.”

Have a great week!

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