Talking to myself again…

What a waste of time! Sitting here, week after week, talking to myself and wondering who the hell cares?

Not too many people, apparently.

But I ‘ve come to figure that you either have a great *blogger* personality, or you don’t. Having a hundred or so cyber friends helps as well. While I do have a few, they all have these strange things they have to take care of called *lives*.

No, not being bitter. Just recognizing the cold, hard truth when it comes to this particular form of self-expression. As far as promotional value goes — I don’t think it has much. Not now, anyway. Not for me. Okay, so maybe I am being just a little snarky tonight. I’m allowed, right?

So where would my time be better spent? Writing my novels, of course! Or helping my children with their school work — the neverending saga of the home school mom. 😉 Or…I could be reading someone else’s book; watching television. But I’d probably fall asleep AND you know what they say about satellite T.V. is very true — 500 channels and nothing on… NOTHING! That is amazing, in itself.

Stories are really coming at me hard now, and I need to be paying attention. How else will they get submitted and contracted…etc, etc? I need to get them finished! I am inspired to get the paranormal romance done, but the problem is that I’ve left them at a very tricky point. AS in: I don’t know what the hell happens next! They are at point B and somehow I have to move them to point D. (excuse me while I bang my head on the keyboard)

Oy. Another long week ahead. But I will manage. The suspense will be released — Tuesday, I hope, if MyBookStore and More is back up and running by then. I’m excited…I’m nervous…I’m like a yo-yo of emtions inside. Also feeling a little green.

Okay, so I’m rambling…trying to make myself feel better. As I’ve said before, maybe that IS the best purpose for this blog. Just gives me a chance to blow off some steam and put things in perspective.

The best perspective is just taking it one day, one book, one problem at a time. Yeah, that just might work.

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