Pats on the back

I like reviews. Okay, so I haven’t gotten a *bad* one yet, but I love those little pats on the back. I revel in those comments that tell me — YES, this story made sense; NO, I didn’t figure out the secrets by page fifty; YES, your hero is as yummy as you think he is AND your heroine is not too stupid to live. 😉

Logic dictates that someday I will get a bad review: one full of snark and criticism — or one that is just a little luke warm in response. I’m sure I’ll mope about it a bit, but I’ll pick myself up and put that one aside. Then on to the next story. Because I realize everyone will not adore my stories, and that’s really okay. How boring would the world be if we all liked the same things? And how much more difficult would it be to get published, if that were true?

Let’s not even think about that.

***By the way, check out my new Fallen Angels reviews for Secrets and Shadows & Romancing Jenny…. HERE.***

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