The reviews roll in…

My first Samhain book, Secrets and Shadows, is due out August 22nd, but the reviews are coming in already. So far, they’re really great! 🙂

You can read the one at Euro Reviews here:

(Their reviewer, Chantay, gave the story 4.5 flags and had some very nice comments to add.)

The other review from Coffee Time Romance wont’ be posted in full until August. But here’s a little peek at what their reviewer, Charissa, had to say:

“Fraught with lushly written twists and turns, this story is a fantastic read. The author has created two characters with strength and vulnerabilities that endear, and the danger that lurks around every corner leaves you guessing right up to the very end. The smoldering sexual tensions that grow page by page are the crowning touch.” (Rating: 4 cups)

Am I psyched? Oh, yeah! These reviews and the comments made show me that I’ve done my job very well. What more can a writer ask for?

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