Where’s the funny?

I have a deadline — June 1st. The project is a short story to be published in a Blue Plate Special Anthology this August.

My problem? My story is supposed to be funny and my funny bone seems to be a bit fractured at the moment. Life has — once again — gotten in the way. Nothing really serious has happened. Nothing that can’t be fixed or work itself out eventually. But when I need to put two people together and make the reader laugh… oy! The writing has been like pulling teeth these past two weeks. Meaning: I’ve had to fight for every word, every sentence, every laugh.

But I haven’t given up. I’m almost there and I’ve started seeing the humor in the fictional situation — well, okay, the humor that will be there once I start editing.

So I’ve discovered the main thing a writer needs is perseverance…and the willingness to fall flat on your butt now and then. If you can do that and still ‘find the funny’, you’ve got writing (and life) in the bag.

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