The cost of success

It’s kind of amazing that when I first started writing, I really had little thought to getting published. Then when I decided to give it a whirl, I thought — oh, it won’t be too hard, I’m good.

Yes, I hear you snickering out there. Stop that.

Reality landed square on my shoulders in the the form of my first rejection letter. At the time, I thought it was a sign of failure — now I know it’s a badge of honor in my profession. Very few professions consider you ‘one of us’ when you fail, btw. That just shows what a strange lot we writers are by nature.

Now I have success. Not exactly as I envisioned it five years ago when I started this ride, but success all the same. And I’m finding the work has just begun. So has the price.

Promotional items; advertisement; websites — all of these cost money and/or time. While I do have a do-it-yourself freebie website at the moment, I know the time will come when it won’t be enough. I’ll want something ‘prettier’, more professional looking. Whatever that may mean.

So how do I explain to my oh-so-supportive dh that I need to invest money where I’ve made very little? Well, he’s a smart man. He’ll be able to see the wisdom in that eventually. It’s just getting up the nerve to approach the subject that’s the problem.

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