Wanted: One Muse

One who will not argue or leave
his/her writer at the slightest whim.
Must love dark chocolate, Gerard Butler,
country music and all things Irish.
Ability to converse in both contemporary and
historical terms a plus.
Must be willing to dabble in both paranormal
and suspenseful elements.
Apply within.
Urgent … I have deadlines to meet.

Anyone have an extra muse sitting about? Maybe one you don’t get along with?

Mine has flown the coup. And it’s all because I wouldn’t agree to start another story — a historical showing my version of what happened to a man very much like the infamous Phantom of the Opera. Yes, it’s a romance. Somedays I wish I had never seen that darn movie.

But I have too many things going at the moment. First round edits for my June Moonlit Romance title, Learning to Live; final rewrite and polish on my Irish historical, Alaina’s Promise (so I can inflict… uh, submit it to my wonderful editor); another short romantic comedy for By Grace, Table for Two; a short story to go with the Blue Plate Special anthology, as yet untitled; and … the grandaddy of them all … my monster paranormal romantic suspense (the first of a series), Chameleon.

That doesn’t even cover the starts and stops waiting patiently in my computer files — some I will finish eventually (especially my Lakota hero, yum), others will never make it past the few pages I’ve managed. And Ms. Muse wants me to start another story?!?! Ain’t gonna happen.

No no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!


Okay. Maybe just one page.

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