Intergalactic Dating?

Read a very interesting article in an old Popular Science (June 2005) I found in the house. All about sending messages to outer space — anything from trying to give the Earth away, to selling ugly sofas and finding the perfect *mate*.

While at first I LOL at the weirdness of it all, the writer in me soon took over and sped off in a different direction. What is someone jokingly sent a lonely hearts ad out into the middle of the Milky Way — and got a response? In person? That could be interesting … and funny.

Another story idea? Heaven forbid! It’s not like I don’t have enough of those already. My list is about ten titles long, at the moment. But the creative juices are flowing. Of course, I’m sure it’s already been done somewhere … by someone. If not…

Okay, okay. I’ll put it on my list of Things to Write. It may get done before someone actually gets a response.


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