Mythical Creatures

Santa Claus does a great job at our house every year. The kids are always happy. He seems to know exactly what they want — or manages to get them just what they like, even if it wasn’t on the list.

The Easter Bunny is good, too. Smart bunny — always bringing nice little plushies and wonderful candy in bright colored buckets we leave sitting out. Even leaves *extra* behind on occasion.

But I have a bone to pick with one particular mythical creature. The Tooth Fairy. Who the heck thought up this one, anyway?

She is totally incompetent. Inept. Lazy. The Tooth Fairy almost always manages to forget those precious little baby teeth laying unprotected beneath the pillow. She almost always manages to be a day late and quarter short. For instance: The Baby (as he will be known for the rest of eternity, poor thing) lost another tooth earlier this week. And he waited patiently all week for that stupid fairy to visit.

Nothing. Luckily big brother saw the problem and came to the rescue this morning. The Baby is now the proud owner of two more quarters and another gap in his teeth. Very cute when you’re six, btw.

The Tooth Fairy, on the other hand, is about to get demoted to plaque scraper.

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