Google me, baby!

It’s a somewhat sad fact of life that one highlight of my career is finding my name can be ‘googled’. Try it! “Meg Allison Romance” and see what you get.

But it can. And so can my books … Romancing Jenny (a short story from By Grace Publishing); Learning to Live, my first full-length novel to be published in June by Moonlit Romance. I also have a book coming out in July from Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Secrets and Shadows. Yes, this is going to be a very good year. 🙂

A very busy year. :\

Oh, who am I kidding? I have a ton of work to do. 😛

My friends and I have fun with ‘googling’, the newest verb in the English language. If you can be googled, you have succeeded, in my opinion. Or, at the very least, gotten yourself into a he** of a lot of trouble.

I can be googled. I am … uh … okay, I’m not famous. But my name is out there and so are the stories that fill my imagination. At least a few of them are. I’ve got an endless supply, you know. I hope it’s endless — I guess time will tell.

Check out my links …. my publishers, friends and places to play a little. I love blog-hopping. Which is obvious since I have two, myself.


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