Fantastic, fanatical fans…

Twihards, and Potter heads and Grimmlins…oh my. ;)

Being a fan of something is as old as time. We tend to gravitate toward what we love, and many of us embrace it completely. In our culture, those things are often what entertain: books, movies, music, etc. Even television. If an individual can become fanatic about something, then a fandom usually forms. I suppose we all need and want to belong to something, right? So why not group ourselves with a bunch of people — often total strangers — who love something as much as we do?

Personally, I’m a Grimmlin. I love, love, LOVE the show and watch every episode with my three daughters. One recent week, we were watching and my dh walked into the room. Now he is not really a fan of the paranormal, preferring his books/movies/shows to be either historical or action-based, but not so much fantasy.

After watching with us for a few minutes — once being frantically ‘shushed’ — he asked, “Why do you like this?”

Good question, I suppose. I have a hard time understanding some of his fascinations, too. Our scattered response was along the lines of: “Because it’s good.”

Not really much of an answer, but it had to suffice. Now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I suppose I should have said it’s because we love the characters — the way they interact and relate; their divergent personalities. We love the otherworldly and fantastical aspects, too. It’s hard to explain to someone who truly doesn’t get it, but Grimm offers us the intriguing notion that those ancient stories might be based in truth; that there are, indeed, monsters in the world. I suppose it helps us reconnect with that small child within who believes in boogeymen, fairies, and dragons, but also believes in magic.

That’s why we like it. Why we watch and proudly lay claim to being Grimmlins. It’s also why I write paranormal romance. I love the fantasy, the magic… and I love the happy ending.

Fairytales not only tell us that dragons exist, but that they can be conquered.

Unless they become our friends. Then it’s just really cool to think we have a “monster” on our side.

An exercise in futility

Things that I consider futile endeavors:

1. Cleaning the house when it’s full of toddlers… or teenagers. ;)

2. Raking leaves — aren’t they good fertilizer? I mean, really?

3. Making New Year resolutions. Nope. Never keep them.

4. Claiming that I will begin and finish this story, lesson, or that talk, blog post, etc.,  long BEFORE it is due. Yeah. Not in my genetic make-up apparently.

I won’t say I work well under pressure. Okay, dang it, yes, I do. During my four years in college you’d find me at the kitchen table on Saturday night with a pile of books, furiously working on that term paper that was due Monday. I don’t enjoy the pressure, but sometimes it’s almost as if I must have it in order to proceed.

Yes, young ones, we used actual books way back then. *Want to hear something scary? I didn’t have the Internet, either. Just a typewriter and bottle of white-out.*

Then I spend hours asking myself: “Why? Why put yourself through misery when you could have done the project in a more leisurely, un-hurried fashion?”

Ummm, I still don’t really have an answer to that one. It’s one of my quirks that I swear I will, someday, change. But time goes by and I still find myself on dead-line, working long into the night and feeling more than a bit frustrated. Although maybe I have made a tiny bit of progress. In a way. Now I kind of accept the fact that I will again be working the night before to finish something, whatever it may be. And I’m sort of okay with that, because I know that I will come through. My brain will kick into gear; inspiration will hit hard and fast; and I will do a good job.

But sometimes I wonder… How much better would it be if I really gave myself more time? :\

Didn’t see that coming…


Life has been interesting of late. Yes, do read that with sarcastic undertones, because that is how it’s meant.

I’m one of those people who likes to be in control, although I know I rarely am. But lately, I’ve been dodging little events that have sort of rocked me back on my heels. Things that make me want to scream “STOP!”  — for instance, the illnesses of friends and their children — and have the universe listen. Then there are things that just leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

If I didn’t have a sense of humor, I’m fairly certain I’d be locked in a padded room by now. ;) I am convinced that in the grand scheme of life, the Universe and everything, I am a permanent fixture on God’s comedy channel. I realize each little adventure; each little blip in my life is rather small. They are also mostly those things I can look back on months or years from now and laugh. Um, I hope.

Meanwhile, what to do with the angst, stress and drama? Have a hissy or two — yes, I do that, I’m sorry to say. I am a very emotional human being. But once my head is clear, I can channel those emotions, those experiences, into my writing. No, every heroine is NOT me, and I refuse to admit — except to very close friends — what traits I share with my fictional characters. Yet, I do use my experiences to help me describe an emotion or a physical sensation — for instance, a horrendous headache experienced by my heroine, Beth, in the novel, BROKEN. I use what I know; what I have experienced, to add depth to the otherwise one-dimensional characters on the page.

What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. At this point, I should be able to bench-press a Buick. ;) Then again, if it doesn’t kill me, at least it might help me become a better person and a better writer.


Once more, with feeling…

I’ve decided it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and try this blogging thing again. Not so much to entertain and enlighten as much as helping me get my own thoughts straight. That, and my family could use a break from all my random rants. ;)

So, what bit of wisdom/insight do I want to share today? It’s simple and probably not-so-sage: Sometimes, you’re wrong; sometimes you’re right. The trick is in knowing both the difference and when to shut up about it.

That being said, one thing I have done right in recent months is to participate in the latest Bat Collective Anthology. I was given a premise and a location — a beautiful, tropical island where magical things can happen. The result of this collaboration consists of romantic novellas by authors Laura Hamby and Kris Starr. My contribution, One Little Slip, finds two very different people thrown together in a most unusual setting. I think these stories are just the perfect escape from a long, long winter.


One Little Slip

(c)2014 Meg Allison

It’s a recipe for disaster…
Combine a haunted house in paradise, one injured warrior, and a woman hell-bent on standing on her own four-inch heels.
Fiona Reid expected to spend her free vacation at a five-st…ar resort, not in a dilapidated plantation house straight out of the nineteenth century. She certainly didn’t expect the forced close company of one handsome and slightly infuriating security agent.
Julio Alvarez needs to let his wounds heal, and get back to his familiar life. The last thing he needs is a prickly brunette in killer shoes and ghosts that do his bidding.

Available at: Smashwords

For Kindle     &    NOOK

Guest blogger — Nell Dixon

I’m turning the blog over today to a good friend and great writer, Nell Dixon!

RadioGaga 200x300

Thank you for hosting me today! Radio Gaga is a fun, upbeat chick lit suspense set in a radio station. I’ve been fortunate to work with several radio stations both in the studio and also via phone links doing interviews and taking part in debates and it’s always struck me as a fascinating medium. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading Radio Gaga as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Over the airwaves everyone can hear you scream!

Radio researcher and part-time presenter Chloe Lark is certain her big show biz break is just around the corner. Live it Up radio may not be the big time, but surely – one day soon – fame will come her way. And, if she could convince the hunky guy next door to give her a chance, her love life might improve too.

Ex-soldier Ben isn’t sure if his new ‘Z’ list celebrity neighbour is crazy or on medication. Either way he’s looking for a quiet life out of the spotlight. The last thing he needs is an accident prone media hungry blonde complete with mystery stalker. Problem is – Chloe doesn’t seem to have received that particular memo…

Here’s an excerpt!

I knew it wasn’t burglars when I noticed the large empty space next to the bay window. No self-respecting burglar would break into someone’s home just to steal a life size cardboard cut-out of Darth Vader would they?

No, it wasn’t burglars who’d nicked Darth or who’d cleared the shelf of the Queen CDs. It was Neil. He’d finally moved out, and taken Freddie Mercury and the Dark Lord with him as he went.

For a moment I stood trying to decide how I felt. Angry? Broken-hearted? In the time it took me to cross the room, enter the kitchen and dump my handbag on the worktop I decided my overwhelming feeling was relief.

Neil had raided the kitchen too: his state of the art coffee maker which I hadn’t been allowed to touch was gone, along with his juicer and his super fancy wok. Only a couple of spilled coffee beans on the countertop showed where they had been. I looked at the clippie magnet on the fridge to see if he’d left me a note. We’d always left messages for each other one there. A few months back they had been little love notes with kisses and pictures of hearts. Now the only thing on there was the ratty message I’d left for him yesterday asking him to pick up some milk on his way home.

I walked back through the lounge to what had once been our bedroom. The wardrobe doors were open showing the empty hangers and his rack of immaculately arranged ties had gone. My mobile vibrated in my trouser pocket telling me I had a text as I sank down onto the edge of the bed. I knew what it would be before I even fished it out of my pocket.

‘Chloe, guess you know by now have moved out, thought would be better this way. U know it wasn’t working, sorry, N’

© Nell Dixon 2013

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